World Economic Forum Davos as a Chance?!

The founder of the  WEF Davos demands a change to Stakeholder Capitalism. (ZDF-Interview)

Facing so many simultaneous crises in the global economy, Karl Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, speaks of the need to change our economy towards stakeholder capitalism. In this context, capitalism should not be regarded as decision-making power in a few hands, but as an entrepreneurial basis in the use of which stakeholders as diverse as employees, suppliers, social tasks, the environment and science must participate. For no company can exist in a complex society without its real environment.

This Interview confirms how important our work as advisors is for this change. If we fail to focus our economy on these new goals,  our economy on these new goals, we as a human society will run into crises that threaten our life and survival in a never before seen extent.

[Translate to French:] Wasserknappheit auch in den Bergen
[Translate to French:] Auch in den Schweizer Bergen sind die Folgen einer hemmungslosen Ausbeutung unserer Erde überall sichtbar