Supply Chain Management Summit Shows the Industrial Change

|   Wirtschaft

KeyNotion's SCM Summit impressively showed that our economy has understood the challenges of the time and is actively promoting the change towards prosperity in harmony with ecological and social responsibility.

The SCM Summit in Munich showed very clearly that our industry is undergoing a transformation that only those companies that move towards sustainability, resource conservation, circular economy and resilience will manage and survive. Excellent presentations on combating the climate crisis and its consequences, on new procurement strategies to avoid broken supply chains and on the implementation of the circular economy showed the state and innovation potential of European industry.

It was very clearly expressed that we are at a turning point that sweeps away cherished comforts. We are facing great challenges that can only be mastered with sensitivity for nature, a spirit of innovation and smart empowerment of employees. Long-term thinking, economical use of resources and new digital processes become necessary. All over, a most successful event with very qualified speakers. They showed that the change from shareholder to stakeholder economics, i.e. from the short-term pursuit of profit to long-term stability by taking into account all interests from the investor to the environment to social issues, is already in full swing.