Indoor conzept for healthier air implemented

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Three communities in the Inn valley south of Rosenheim have introduced and implemented an indoor air hygiene concept for their schools with us. The pupils now have significantly healthier air and additional protection against infections.

The first school to implement an active indoor air hygiene concept was the primary school in Rohrdorf before Christmas 2021; other schools in Brannenburg and Flintsbach followed after the holidays at the beginning of January. The concept combines systematic ventilation with ventilation support and disinfection by UVC light. The municipality as the school authority decided in favour of this concept because all scientific findings speak for an adapted individual concept that not only ensures disinfection in times of pandemics, but also permanently improves the quality of the indoor air and creates an optimal climate for learning. eG first determined the ventilation possibilities over the course of the year for each room that is not supplied with a room air system. From this, the need for support through ventilation and sterilisation was determined. The result is a concept that ensures sufficient window ventilation time and also provides clean air in the classroom between window opening times. The units used are so whisper-quiet that they do not disturb the lessons at any time. Because they are mounted on the ceiling they do not cause any unpleasant air draughts.

Because effectiveness of vaccines against further infectivity is generally low, as shown by the Omicron variant, indoor air hygeny is an important weapon against infections. But this is not the only reason why indoor air hygiene will remain indispensable in the future, especially in schools. Indoor air hygiene ensures sufficient oxygen, CO2 removal, the destruction of bacteria, fungal spores or mites and thus prevents many other diseases and allergies.


[Translate to French:] Raumlufthygiene mit Lüftung
[Translate to French:] Vorstand Bodo Frommelt erklärt Bürgermeister Simon Hausstetter die Wirkung von Lüftung und Ventilation mit UVC.
[Translate to French:] UVC-Ventilatoren
[Translate to French:] Lüften und die Unterstützung mit UVC-Ventilatoren im Klassenzimmer sorgen für frische und saubere Luft während des Unterrichts