Children Need Urgently Immune Protection

Especially in Times of Pandemic

Wherever people gather, pathogens have the opportunity to spread quickly and widely. This is also and especially true at school. Children do not yet have a trained immune system so, it is important to stimulate the immune system but not to overtax it. Keeping school rooms largely free of airborne pathogens is therefore particularly important, especially in times of Covid 19, but also with other pathogens.
The Combination of ventilation, aeration and disinfection we redommend is likely to be the most effective measure and is confirmed by the most recent study of the Technical University Berlin, which states "... that individual measures are often not sufficient to significantly reduce the risk of infection, but that a combination (...) is necessary, ..." and that with Omikron, the viral load in the air must be significantly reduced as even low levels of contamination lead to infections.